Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cleaning the registry is the fastest easiest way.

Your registry contains tens and tens of thousands of entries to tell your computer how to run correctly. Picture it as a mini search engine full of thousands of links. And just like the internet there are hundreds if not thousands of useless entries (links), non-existent keys and a bunch of loose ends that all contribute to your computer's health.

One of the most common complaints on a computer is that it runs slower than when I got it. It is very hard to determine the cause sometimes too. I like to use a variety of tools
to help optimise performance and ensure continuing performance for the years to come. The easiest and fastest way to streamline your computer is to run a simple registry clean on a regular and consistent basis to be sure that there are no broken links blocking performance and to keep all working applications running smoothly. Another major thing that causes slow performance is viruses. They are not as easy to find, and even harder to remove. Having a diverse defence against attacks and running viruses is the best way to prevent slow performance. Create a so called toolkit for yourself and run regular virus scans to help protect your computers' integrity.

In the end there is no way to catch them all. With new viruses created daily, no one can be on top of them all. But by being able to catch them before they really destroy your computer is the best way to save to cost and hassle of replacing your computer.

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